Vapor Trails Celebrates 65 Years of Toastmasters

By District 5 Toastmasters

By Bob Dietrich

Vapor Trails Toastmasters Open House
August 4, 2014
By Erin Lucore, UC Davis, VTTM 203 guest

​On August 4, 2014, and also the 65th birthday of the Vapor Trails Toastmasters Club, an open house was held at the Tierrasanta Recreation Center. I was eagerly invited by my friend, Marissa de Luna, a newly inducted member of Vapor Trails Toastmasters. Hesitant at first, I agreed to join her as a guest.

​Upon entering the room, I was cordially greeted by every member with a firm hand shake, welcoming smile, and questions about myself that made me feel entirely at home. The …read more

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