Why I joined Toastmasters

Why I joined

    Some of my reasons for joining Toastmasters initially were to advance in my job, improve my confidence, and learn. I knew I needed to improve my communications and leadership skills. All that I achieved. I improved immensely in my effective communications abilities and my leadership skills.

Toastmaster Benefits

    Over the years, I have been a leader on many weekend retreats, governing bodies, associations, and been the master of ceremonies for many events. My speaking skills, confidence, and leadership abilities, including success in my Navy, engineering, law, and teaching careers is based on my Toastmasters experience beginning in 1966.

Why I am still in Toastmasters

    Now, I remain in Toastmasters because I treasure helping other Toastmasters, teaching, having fun, and being enthusiastic. My Toastmasters experience has been especially positive, exceptionally rewarding, and essentially a key part of my life. Toastmasters has allowed me to experiment and be silly, childlike, and innovative. So, I want to continue to improve my clubs by helping others, and, by doing so, I shall continue to improve my own speaking and leadership abilities.

    Toastmasters, and life, is all about relationships. My Toastmaster friendships in many clubs have lasted for almost 40 years. Toastmasters has helped me to enjoy life. Thank you all for your friendships. May we continue to be friends and maintain our positive relationships for years to come.

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